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The Paper Engineers

This Brooklyn-based paper engineer will custom-design a pop-up for you. There are templates here too!

New Here are some paper engineers The Popuplady met in Philadelphia [2014] at the MBS conference.
1.The new Wunderkind: Robert Kelly see his work.
2. Meet Gabriela Romagna
3. Dorothy A. Yule won MBS' first ever Meggendorfer Prize for Artist Book for Memories of Science. See her work.
4. Yevgeniya Yeretskaya is the Creative Director at Up With Paper and for good reason.

Meet one of the newest young paper engineers on the scene, Courtney Watson McCarthy and her new Pop-up Numbers book.

NewAn experienced commercial paper engineer with a broad array of mechanisms, Mike (Mykolas) Malkovas who did Lexus' The Safest Accident

Peter Dahmen's new work in packaging

Combining paper engineering, electronics, and artistry, Jie Qi of MIT is guaranteed to WOW! you.

Paul Strickland has been turning out ingenious pop-ups for years. He also lectures and does workshops in Enbland. There are templates to download as well.

Maria Winkler, retired art professor, has been a movable book artist for years. Who knew?

He looks like a "fresh face" but he has been turning out classic pop-ups for a while. See Sam Ita making a squid from this book, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Buy his signed pop-up books and the pop-ups of many other paper engineers at Books of Wonder, NYC.

A new-to-us paper engineer in Thailand, Watinee (Ann) Kaewket. Check her out!!

The Dutch Paper Maestro, Kees Moerbeek has a new website..

French paper engineers


Phillipe Ug-French paper engineer or book artist. You decide.
Lovely and thoughtful paper engineering by Eric Singelin, France.
Olivier Charbonnel has done some beautiful work. Look for his links to other French paper engineers.

Leopold Karp is the paper engineer you want for your pop-up marketing needs, a veritable genius!


Those who know him find Andrew [Andy] Baron one of the most interesting paper engineers around. Self-taught like most others, Andy also repairs old cars, clocks, and automatons*. He built his own Theremin and was featured on The History Detectives! [skip to 36 minutes on the time bar] He's finally gotten around to introducing himself on a new website. *The Popuplady, in blue, is holding the camera in the front row!

A paper engineer in Kentucky, Jane McTeigue!

Amsterdam-based paper artist Ingrid Siliakus brings us these magnificent cityscapes cut out of paper in her Paper Architecture series. Built similar to pop-up books, many of the paper sculptures are capable of folding onto themselves or changing proportions, based on how obtuse or acute the angle of its binding is.


Amazon's site has a great video of the legendary Eric Carle and his new pop-up version of the classic, Very Hungry Caterpillar.


Interview with Maurice Sendak, Arthur Yorinks, and Matthew Reinhart on the making of Mommy? Please note: Mommy? is NOT Sendak's first pop-up. He did the movable cover for Brooklyn Pops Up also engineered by Reinhart.


See the Masters of Pop-ups talk about their new books at Border's Books.

Visit Robert's website where there are contests, merchandise, and free stuff.How about his Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, 2003 set to music? Like poetry, squared.
Hear Robert's lecture in Salt Lake City, 2012 New
Read a recent interview with Robert Sabuda in the Wall Street Journal, Oct. 1-2, 2011


Matthew Reinhart in his Star Wars pop-up book fulfills his life-long passion for the series. Don't miss the light sabers lighting up on the last spread!


Here is a fun website of the multi-Caldecott winner, Paul O. Zelinsky, for his NY Times Best Illustrated Book, Knick-Knack Paddywhack [KKP], brilliantly paper engineered by Andrew Baron. Andy won The Movable Book Society's Meggendorfer Prize in 2004 for engineering KKP.


I have fallen in love with thoughtful and delicate work of Katsumi Komagata who I "discovered" at the D'Orsay Museum in Paris. His oeuvre is grace personified.

See Siebold's Alice engineered by veteran paper engineer, James Diaz. What a HOOT!


Kyle Olmon, has emerged from Robert Sabuda's studio and is turning out some wonderful pop-up books of his own. See them and also read Kyle's Blog. Kyle used his paper engineering skills to woo his sweetheart.


Log onto Bruce Foster's website to see how he has been working overtime with several new books out this Fall. His scissors never seem to dull!
..and talk about versatility and elegance! See what Bruce created for Visionaire 55/Surprise.

and Foster's Harry Potter Book

Gene Vosough has designed some of our favorite books. See what he's up to now!


I've loved Robert Crowther's work for years. His works are classics! Here's his website.


This paper engineer has been flying under the radar. Please meet Mary Beth Cryan.


David A. Carter-Visit with the creator of the Bug Books and the award winning "finding" series, including One Red Dot. David won the 2006 Meggendorfer Prize for this book.


Keith Moseley's world. Keith has been one of the most innovative paper engineers for over 20 years!
Another English paper engineer who has been around a while. Iain Smyth contributed the Brooklyn Bridge to Brooklyn Pops Up!.


Meet Pam Pease, illustrator, paper engineer, self-publisher. You'll love this Website! I'll confess. She's my Idol!


Lots and LOTS of information at the site of John Patience!


Mark Goff's pop-up photo books and greeting cards are unique. Check him out!


Adriaan Heino - Don't miss this great site-a true resource!


Introducing Japanese paper enginer, Yashushi Shibata. Get involved with his work and his ideas. The Popuplady uses Google Translate to help scale the Tower of Babel. Try it!


Another new paper engineer, young and female, Becca Zerkin based in New York.

Robert J. Lang, a physicist by training, produces the most complicated and LARGEST origami sculptures. Featured on CBS Sunday Morning, he has 'married' origami and mathematics. Have a look at his website. You won't believe your eyes!

Visit the Brooklyn Pops Up!-2000 exhibit with over 100 pop-up book titles from 1540 to the present. The exhibit represents the best paper engineers the world has known.

Many of these links will take you away from Enjoy them but come back soon!

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