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Learn to Make Pop-ups

THANKS TO THE PAPER ENGINEERS WHO MADE THESE VIDEOS. There are many websites as well to explore with lots of goodies to make.

Make your own Christmas cards & creches.

Cut out and paste a Vojtěch Kubašta diorama. This pop-up is rarely found in the original but now you can have one of your own.

More new templates at newTake the time to explore this gifted paper engineer's work. And she'll make one especially for you!

If you are a beginner or a teacher who wants to learn the simplest methods for making pop-ups, TJ Bookarts. OR
Yes, there is another Pop-Up Lady [as opposed to The Popuplady]. She has been teaching about making pop-ups and publishing books on the subject for years. Check her out!

The Popuplady's FAVORITE movable. Here's how to make it! A WATERFALL from

I DOUBLE-DARE you to make the movable below. If you are successful, let me know and rub it in what a klutz I am! I must be missing that "bit of brain." [click on Xs to get rid of ads]













Italian paper engineer, Massimo Missiroli, has prepared a series of videos How to Make Pop-ups. Watch for his new children's book imprint, Agomas, from DeAgostini Books, Italy.






David A. Carter shows you how to make pop-ups

FOR ADULTS ONLY: making naughty pop-up cards

All kinds of stuff to make, like buildings and icons.

Robert Sabuda's suggested book list of How To Make Pop-ups

From Bovine Designs, lots of step-by-step. (Not for the Math-phobic.)

Jonathan Emmett easy How-Tos, including how to publish a children's book.

Be an Explorer and make a pop-up book!
(For additional templates to download, explore the sites of the paper engineers.)