Theo Gielen on the
History of the Speaking Book
[in Dutch, 2009]

Pop-ups can save the World
with a $1 microscope!

Euclid's Elements of
1570 in motion

The Pangaea Pop-up [TED] book

TED talk about making
the Pangaea

Seduce Me! Animal Sex
with Isabella Rossellini

Pop-up storytelling
from Jerusalem: The Chelm Legend

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Pop-ups tell the history
of Kellog's cereal.

Pop-up book made of Legos!

Panera Bread pop-up ad

Pop-up Now! Best in Show

Learn to Make Pop-ups

A Bookano Book

Apianus' Astronomicum Caesareum

Anatomical Flap Books

make it move yourself!

Meggendorfer's Animaux Savants

Allerlei Tiere
(Curious Creatures)

Ernest Nister's
What A Surprise!

Animated Circus-Clowns

Animated Circus-Acrobats

Humphry Repton (1752-1818)

landscape designs
using flaps

The Astronomicum Caesareum

Printed in Ingolstadt, Germany in 1540 for Emperor Charles V, the Astronomicum Caesareum is considered the most beautiful movable book every made. Peter Apianus (1495-1552), a noted astronomer, included 35 volvelles to show the movement of the planets and their moons. The book is based on the Ptolemaic system where the Sun rotates around the Earth. Its volvelles are actual calculators, astronomical instruments. The book is often referred to as The Emperor's Astronomy.


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